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AgID accreditation

Doxee is accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), the technical agency of the Italian Council of Ministers. AgID recognized Doxee as a leading operator, thanks to the high quality and reliability of its products. Doxee business processes are perfectly aligned with the latest technical and legal procedures for electronic archiving. Doxee is certified for digital preservation of documents in full compliance with regulations referred to in art. 44-bis paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree of March 7, 2005, n. 82 and subsequent amendments and is included in the list of accredited conservatories referred to in art.1 of the AgID Circular n.65 of April 10, 2014.

Accreditations and Certifications

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  • Doxee has adopted SGSI (Sistema di Gestione per la Sicurezza delle Informazioni), an Information Security Management System, where it is certified for ISO/IEC 27001 for “Design, supply, installation, development, and implementation of solutions and for the provision of services managed in SaaS and PaaS mode in the field of Customer Communications Management, Customer Experience Management, Electronic Invoicing, Standard Digital Storage, and Long Term Storage”. Doxee has also achieved certification of ISO/IEC 27017 e 27018. The ISO/IEC 27001 certification is required by AgID .


  • Doxee has adopted the Quality Management System (Sistema di Gestione Qualità) where it is certified under CSQ – ISO 9001 for “Consistently providing the design of products and provision of managed services in the field of Customer Communications Management and Dematerialization.” This certification is not mandatory under AgID, but is a voluntary certification undertaken by Doxee for quality control.


  • Doxee has achieved Access Point Provider certification through the PEPPOL channel. Doxee manges the procedures for receiving and sending orders to and from the NSO (Nodo Smistamento Ordini) for Italian and European Public Administrations, in full compliance with regulations. Doxee operates as an intermediary through the PEPPOL communication channel, assuming the roles of Access Point (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), accredited both on AgID (Peppol ity for Italy) and on the NSO.


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Doxee is AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Doxee was the first independent software vendor in Italy to achieve AWS Advanced Technology Partner certification. It provides solutions based on the AWS platform, offering customers the highest levels of commercial,technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. Doxee uses its experience in the cloud to assist customers in their digital transformation and dematerialization processes, supporting them at every stage of their journey towards an innovative, engaging, and effective digital customer experience offering.

Doxee is also an AWS Technology Partners certified in the Italian Public Sector. Doxee is a longstanding partner of the Italian public sector, where it provides innovative and personalized digital communication solutions that helps simplify communications with citizens.


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