At Doxee, we are an innovative team passionate about technology as well as creating services and tools that help our customers communicate. Doxee offers the opportunity to grow in a dynamic, international environment, working with the latest IT technologies and using them to build highly innovative products and services.

At Doxee we are building something great

We are a multinational hi-tech company and a leading provider of products for Customer Communications Management, Digital Customer Experience, and Digital Transformation. We provide our customers with highly innovative services using state-of-the-art digital and cloud technologies such as block chain, natural language processing, machine learning. Doxee combines strong technological know-how with an innovative vision dedicated to delivering services that enable our customers to communicate effectively and naturally with millions of users every day.

Leading industry analysts recognize Doxee as pioneers of cloud technologies, placing us among the main global players  in the fields of CCM (customer communication management), personalized videos, and Digital Customer Experience. Technology, innovation, and curiosity are the driving forces behind our global success.

I work in a collaborative and creative context that allows me to apply the most advanced methodologies, such as Inbound Marketing and Account Based Marketing


Marketing Assistant

Enhancing our values, empowering our people

We promote a leadership culture of excellence, where the customer is at the very center. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by working together in an environment that allows us to express our potential to the fullest: an innovative environment that encourages the use of technical skills, but also a spirit of initiative, creativity, and cooperation.

Customer obsession

We apply experience and passion to constantly create new value for our customers


We promote an environment that stimulates and recognizes ideas and creativity. Innovation drives everyone towards great common goals


We optimize the available resources, bring initiative, speed of decision and creativity to benefit of our customers, partners, and employees

People Development

We believe that the employees express their full potential in a stimulating and collaborative environment

Be part of our future

Although we’re a tech company at heart, our strength is our people. At Doxee, we promote teamwork and cooperation,  and we’re committed to enhancing the professional and personal growth of the individual to achieve great common goals. We organize training courses, team building and projects such as “Si può fare” that allows each employee to devote part of their working time to a personal project.

The contribution that each individual makes is crucial in an innovative and dynamic context where creative ideas can come to life. We promote teamwork and cooperation. We are committed to enhancing the professional and personal growth of the individual. 

At Doxee, the contribution of each person is the real strategic lever. The freedom to express it fully makes the work environment pleasant, dynamic and innovative. At Doxee, great achievements are always the result of a collaborative effort.

in Doxee I can use technical-creative skills thanks to Interactive Web Communication projects. In the Interactive Experience area, quality is guaranteed by the application of Agile methodologies


Customer experience


At Doxee, we support a young, challenging work environment dedicated to participation and commitment. A fertile and stimulating work environment that puts people in the right conditions for the future.


Innovation project


Discount with gyms and swimming pools


Fresh fruit and drinks


Complementary health cover


Complementary life-insurance policy


Continuous learning


Company Sport Team sponsorships


Smart working


Personal budget for events


Flexible working hours

Work Locations



Rome Locations Doxee


Doxee Location Catanzaro



Fort Lauderdale



Doxee’s headquarter is in Modena, Italy; the company has other Italian offices in Rome and Catanzaro. The international offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, and Prague, CZ.

Working at Doxee

Doxee constantly promotes a collaborative and stimulating environment, strongly focused on innovation and customer obsession


Sales Executive

Doxee offers a dynamic and inspiring environment, constantly promoting my professional and personal growth


Administrative Assistant

At Doxee we are customer-obsessed, my customers’ success means growth for my professional path


Customer Success Manager

Open Positions

Product Manager Digital Services
Milan or Modena - Full Time Job
In this position you will join our team developing our Interactive Experience product line which includes several cloud capabilities leading our customer’s digital transformation initiatives, such as Personalized Video.
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Cloud Solution Architect
Modena, Full Time Job
Our team of Engineers is looking for a talented Cloud Solution Architect. The team develops and maintains Doxee’s software asset in coordination with the functional requirements expressed by Product Management and in close relationship with internal DevOps teams that deploy and run the platform.
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QA Engineer
Modena, Full Time Job
Our team of talented Engineers that builds and maintains the company’s cloud platform is lookinf for a QA Engineer who will contribute to the team goals with quality assurance, test automation, test-driven development.
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Application Architect
Rome, Full Time Job
As a Application Architect you will be responsible for providing technical oversight on multiple projects in relation to solution design, client interaction, and adherence to the core Doxee’s product architecture.
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